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Smart forecasts and tracking and barcode systems at CloudOffix will make your inventory management a walk in the park.

  1. Warehouse Management - Monitor Stock Levels

    CloudOffix warehouse inventory management system helps you monitor stock levels with ease. With our warehouse inventory management software, you can receive alerts when stock is running low, allowing you to quickly reorder and keep your business running smoothly.

  2. Multiple Warehouse Locations

    With our cloud-based warehouse inventory management system, managing multiple warehouses and their locations has never been easier. Keep track of your production sites and warehouses effortlessly.

  3. Stock Forecasts

    Predict and plan your stock needs with ease using our stock forecasting feature, so you're always prepared.

  4. Set Shipment Rules

    With our shipment tracking software, you can set your own rules for shipments. For example, you can specify certain locations to use a particular courier service or request invoices to be sent to a different location.

  5. Track Shipment

    Our advanced shipment tracking software allows you to monitor your shipment in real-time and receive every updates at every stage of its journey.

What Is Inventory Management?

An efficient inventory management system, whether cloud-based or not, can help you keep track of your stock levels in real time. This applies not only to outgoing products but also to incoming raw materials that you need to produce your own goods.

Whether you're using ecommerce inventory management software or managing multiple warehouse locations, you can monitor your inventory levels right from your CRM.

With the help of stock forecasts and inventory management system, you can ensure that you always have enough stock to meet customer demands. And by setting shipment rules and using shipment tracking software, you can ensure that your orders are fulfilled smoothly and on time.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Inventory Management

Monitor Your Stock: Warehouse Management

Monitor and track your stock using an inventory management system. You will know when your stock is running low and get alerts to re-order more of your popular items. When your stock reaches the reorder points you had predefined earlier in your inventory management software, you will receive an email letting you know it's time to get your credit card out.

Identify your products with unique serial numbers and barcode scanning systems. Make sure you are sending the correct items detailed in the customer's order by using CloudOffix barcode system to identify the items you stock in your inventory. 

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Stock Monitoring

Track Warehouse Locations

If you have more than one warehouse location, always know where each and every one of your items are located. 

When your production site, warehouse, and office are located in different places, it is necessary to establish a system that can efficiently monitor and track everything.

Make sure your work orders always flow smoothly and hassle free.

Try CloudOffix's warehouse inventory management software.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Warehouse Locations


Stock Forecasts

Whether you are a small business or large, your business is also part of the supply chain. As you receive purchase orders and make sales, your revenue increases but your stock levels decrease. Therefore you need to purchase new stock as your inventory runs low. Here is where inventory tracking software comes into play. Know when it’s time to stock up with accurate stock forecasts.

Be prepared for the unknown. Clever inventory solutions such as CloudOffix's cloud inventory management can help you with a wide range of solutions such as order management, inventory management and much more.

The unknown such as running out of space, a customer buying your whole stock in one transaction! delayed stock from the manufacturer, unexpected cashflow issue, or more can be easily managed with effective inventory management.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Stock Forecasts

Set Shipment Rules

Set shipment rules using tracking software: priority, specific shipping date, or before/after a certain date. 

Perhaps the goods being shipped as part of a "free trial" promotion, perhaps the bill of materials or invoice being sent to the same address as the goods. 

All these scenarios and the relevant actions to be taken for them can be set through your inventory management system.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Shipment Rules

Track Shipment

Track the shipment of your stock with the help of CloudOffix's shipment tracking software. With end-to-end tracking, your customers can monitor their items from the time they leave your warehouse until they arrive at their destination, all integrated with leading shipping solutions.

CloudOffix Sales Cloud - Track Shipment

CloudOffix Sales Cloud

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