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Omnichannel Support via Cloud Helpdesk System

CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud is an omnichannel helpdesk software solution that simplifies customer support operations and enhances the omnichannel experience.

Create Tickets at Any Channel

Customers or employees can create ticket via any channel such website, email, live chati or social media. 

Collaborate with Team Members

With collaboration features of CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud, all team members can share their experiences.

Follow up SLA's

CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud allows for customizable SLA configuration, enabling businesses to define unique response and resolution targets for different customer categories.

Send Surveys

Automatically sends surveys to relevant parties when a ticket is closed with CloudOffix Helpdesk software.

Reporting & Analytics

CloudOffix helpdesk ticket system allows for the analysis and reporting of all ticket details, response times, and survey results.

Integration with Other Services

Helpdesk ticketing system seamlessly integrates with Sales Cloud and Project Cloud, allowing for efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows.

Omnichannel Ticketing

The omnichannel ticketing system offered by CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud and helpdesk software enables the seamless creation of tickets from various sources, such as incoming emails, live chats, social media accounts, website forms, and manual entry by agents. Tickets can be easily prioritized, categorized, and assigned to the relevant team members, providing a unified and streamlined approach to customer support. No need to switch between multiple tools! Manage customer interactions and deliver exceptional service across all channels!

CloudOffix - Ticketing


With Helpdesk ticket system and its advanced ticket management capabilities, CloudOffix enables seamless collaboration among team members, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and productivity in customer support operations. The user-friendly interface of Helpdesk Cloud allows team members to easily share ideas about tickets, leading to successful collaboration and increased accountability. This results in improved customer support through enhanced collaboration and seamless communication.


CloudOffix - Collaboration

SLA Management

Helpdesk software, such as CloudOffix helpdesk ticketing system, empowers businesses to create and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their support operations. Businesses can define SLAs based on ticket category, urgency, and customer agreements to ensure that support requests are handled within specified timeframes. By regularly monitoring SLA compliance and setting up automatic reminders and escalations for agents and managers, businesses can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and accountability. 

IT helpdesk software provides businesses with the necessary tools to optimize their support operations and enhance the total experience.

CloudOffix - SLA Management

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Helpdesk ticket systems, such as CloudOffix IT Helpdesk Software, empowers businesses to prioritize the customer experience by requesting feedback from customers after every ticket. Helpdesk ticket system enables businesses to send automatic surveys after closing each ticket, allowing them to gather valuable customer feedback and continuously improve their customer support operations. This feature in helpdesk ticketing system ensures that businesses are providing high-quality service to their customers and enables them to identify areas for improvement.


CloudOffix - Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is a crucial aspect of analyzing your business, and CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud provides the right tools to help you understand every detail in your sales, quotations, invoices, or activities. With easy-to-use graphical, listing, and pivot reports available in CloudOffix IT helpdesk software, you won't need another BI (Business Intelligence) solution to access all the necessary information. The helpdesk software provides direct access to important business data, allowing you to efficiently track and analyze key metrics for your business.


CloudOffix - Reporting & Analytics

Helpdesk Cloud replaces;

  • Zendesk

  • Freshdesk

  • Zoho Support

  • Jira


  • Slack

  • Wix

Helpdesk Cloud includes;

  • Ticket Management

  • Livechat

  • SLA Management

  • Self-service documentation


  • Social Collaboration

  • Website Builder

CloudOffix Helpdesk Cloud

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