Why we are different

We are not doing different things, but we are doing things differently.

Break free from Legacy ERP Systems

Legacy ERP apps focus on accounting and financial processes rather than customers and they lack a 360° view of customers. There are also lots of limitations in legacy ERP systems and customers are left behind today's needs. Continue working with legacy ERP vendors for accounting and financial processes, but need a change for customer-focused apps.  


Get rid of Legacy CRM Systems

CRM systems are a perfect fit for ERP systems to manage customer relationship, but they are also not perfect for today's needs. Customers need more than lead and opportunity management. In order to have 360° view of customers, there is a need for project management, marketing management, helpdesk management, e-commerce, etc. Current CRM systems do not satisfy these. 


Don't waste time with Inefficient Single Purpose Apps

Due to the limited features in current ERP and CRM systems, customers need to use separate point applications. On average, companies are using tens of different apps. This in turn causes Data Silos, Fragmented Customer Data, and Integration effort. With CloudOffix, there is no need for tedious integration work for separate applications.


Collaboration loves Context

Companies are using different apps for business processes and collaboration. Thus, the missing part in collaboration apps is the business context. Successful collaboration only happens when collaboration meets with Context.

Preparing a quote in a CRM system and collaborating on that within Slack is not very efficient.


Customization is a MUST

Salesforce is a successful CRM application in the cloud due to its customizability. After Salesforce, there have been lots of CRM apps introduced, but they are not as successful as Salesforce. This is due to their limitations in customization. CloudOffix offers high customizability features not only for sales but for all apps around customers. You can customize the project cloud, marketing cloud, helpdesk cloud, and all other solutions according to your own process. You can even develop new apps with the help of CloudOffix low code development features. 


Low License Costs

Nearly all of the Cloud business apps require licenses for all users that want to use the system. This in turn causes high license costs although most of the users will very rarely benefit from the system. This licensing system is called per-seat licensing. 

CloudOffix is the first and only cloud business app vendor that offers concurrent licensing model. In this model, all of your users can benefit from the system in a very cost effective way.


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